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Emma Winston

Goldsmiths College
SE14 6NW
United Kingdom

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Graduate Student, MPhil/PhD

Goldsmiths, University of London

I am a graduate student in the Music department at Goldsmiths University of London. My doctoral research is centred around articulations of identity amongst ukulele players, both alone and in a group/community context, and will draw particularly from intersectional theory, taking into account overlapping issues of identity including gender, race, class, sexuality and dis/ability. My research is funded by the CHASE consortium.

MA in Music (Popular Music Research) (Distinction)

Goldsmiths, University of London
London, UK

Thesis: ‘Being a Woman, Being a Woman’: Gendered Criticism of Joanna Newsom

Research paper: Is the time we spend on music justifiable in ethical, social and economic terms?

Literature Review: Cultural significance of the C86/Indiepop scene from 1986 to the present day

Research paper: With reference to specific theorists and musicians, assess the critical treatment of postfeminism.

Research paper: Representation of the Ukulele in Western Popular Culture

Bachelor of Arts in Music (2:1)

University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

Dissertation: 'Well, who am I?': Constructions of identity in the music of Neil Hannon.

Dissertation: Out of the Wilderness: an enquiry into the redirection of contemporary music through the synthesis created by John Coolidge Adams

Analysis portfolio: Steve Reich and Beryl Korot's 'Three Tales'/William Walton's 'Facade'


Nightcore and the Virtues of Virtuality

CHASE Brief Encounters
- view (open access)


Associate Lecturer

Goldsmiths, University of London

I was the sole lecturer for the Masters course, New Directions in Popular Music, which varied between discussion seminars and more formally-structured lectures. I am currently acting as first marker for final coursework projects.

Associate Editor/Peer Reviewer

Brief Encounters Journal

I act as associate editor and peer reviewer for the second issue of the CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership's open-access journal, Brief Encounters.

Event Producer

Researching Popular Music Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London

I acted as one of three producers for the conference Researching Popular Music, helping to produce a podcast to allow those unable to attend the conference to engage with its material. I conducted brief interviews with all speakers, scripted and provided voiceovers to link together segments, and performed an initial edit of the audio before final mixing took place.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Kings College London

I taught weekly seminar groups for the first-year music course's core Issues and Topics module, Disco Cultures, for two years running, preparing revision materials, leading discussion sessions and elaborating upon topics taught in lectures. I also set and marked mock exams, and double-marked coursework essays.

Workshop Assistant

School of Noise

I work on an occasional, ad-hoc basis for School of Noise, an organisation running workshops for young people and adults aimed at encouraging the exploration of experimental, electronic sound and music.

Independent Musician

Freelance, London

I have played various keyboard instruments, including synthesiser, harmonium and piano, in live and recorded session contexts for multiple musicians, including Darren Hayman (formerly of Hefner), Pete Astor (formerly of The Loft and the Weather Prophets), and Ian Button (formerly of Death In Vegas). I also make solo electronic music under the name Deerful.

Web designer and front-end developer

Freelance, London

While seeking PhD funding I ran a successful small business as a primarily self-taught web designer and front-end developer.

Original music and sound


- view

I write, produce and perform electropop under the name Deerful. I have released two singles and two EPs on independent labels Where It's At Is Where You Are and Gare Du Nord, and released an album, Peach in the spring/summer of 2017, which received praise from the Guardian and Clash Music, amongst others. I also maintain a YouTube channel with a small following focused upon songwriting, production, and live performance.

Production music


I contributed the electropop track 'Break' to major UK charity Centrepoint's digital campaign 'Young and Homeless: Your Phone Tells The Story', which received coverage in the Metro.

I also contributed the tracks 'Strength In A Storm', 'A Hopeful Moment', 'A Spark of Joy', 'Early Riser', and 'Teatime Shuffle', co-written and co-produced with Donal Scott, to the Clearwave production library's album Simply Ukuleles, using my knowledge of the advertising market for ukulele music gained from my thesis work.

I have since produced a full album for production library use in the chiptune genre.

Independent sound work

- view

I create and self-release audio collages using found sounds in various locations as abstract documents of spaces, places and events. In January 2016 I also produced and released the EP Browser Pieces, using only web browser-based synthesisers, in a single evening.


Bitter Content: YouTube, the ukulele, and the smokescreen of participatory commodification

Intersectional Gentleness in Early-Stage Fieldwork

CHASE Music Network

Don't Make Me Go Outside: Feminine melancholy, recovery, and rejecting resilience through electronic music

S.E.E. - Sound Education Experience

A Declaration of Openness: intersectionality, idealism, and the politics of gentleness in early-stage research

European Doctoral Seminar - Situations of Knowing

Public Engagement

Radio interview - 'Little Trouble Girls' - Marie Merlet

Soho Radio

Live radio performance - 'HelloGoodbye Show' - DeXter Bentley

Resonance FM

Web interview - 'First Listen: Deerful – Home EP (With Interview)' - Caspar Jacobs

Beautiful Freaks
- view

Live presentation - 'Performance of @GraphicScoreBot', Victoria and Albert Museum

Bot Summit 2016
- view

Web interview - 'Emojis Are Art in This Twitter Bot ASCII Gallery' - Robert Barry

Vice Motherboard
- view

Radio interview - 'These bots tweet their own artwork'

Canadian Broadcasting Company - Spark with Nora Young
- view

Other projects

Twitter bots

- view

A series of bots using the Twitter framework to automate artistic or humorous content, programmatically generated in the Tracery library or in Python. My primary bot project is Graphic Score Bot, which generates graphic scores to inspire experimental musicians, and which was premiered in a live performance at Somerset House in April 2016.

|dis|quiÉTUDE by |end| & Annie Goh

Python code
- view

I contributed Python code to sound artists |end| and Annie Goh's installation, |dis|quiÉTUDE, which will be shown at St James Hatcham Church in southeast London. The code taps into Twitter streams which can be specified either by retweeted user or by specific search terms or hashtags, extracts numerical data from their associated follower counts, likes, and permalinks, and passes that data to Supercollider via the Open Sound Control protocol.

Random Tone Generator

Web app
- view/code

A simple random tone generator written in Javascript and using the WAD audio library. Intended as a a simplistic oscillator to be run through effects pedals, sampled and otherwise manipulated.

Cat Simulator 3000

- view

A lighthearted interactive fiction game, written and coded using the Twine engine over the course of a weekend. Named one of Rock Paper Shotgun's 'Best free Games of the week'.