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Currently ordered by a vague combination of chronology and preference, this page represents a list of my creative and academic projects since 2015.

Digital illustration
Interactive poem
Interactive video game
Multiplayer emoji construction game
A web app for making blackout poetry
Generative novel for NaNoGenMo
A podcast about intense interests
Article for CHASE Brief Encounters
Instrumental chillout album
instrumental drone album
Electropop album
Twitter bot posting hourly generative graphic scores
Live music performance toy based on Nick Montfort's poem
Narrative game about glow-worm spotting in Hertfordshire
Chiptune EP
Charity single including live-coded track
Narrative micro-game
Emoji Twitter bot
Audio loops for every day in October
Electropop EP
Debut electropop single
Festive single
Emoji Twitter bot
Emoji Twitter bot
Dadaist sound art piece
One small step for bot, one giant leap for botkind
EP made in Google Chrome
Emoji Twitter bot
Hypertext adventure game
Emoji Twitter bot
Twitter bot posting lyrics by artist Owen Pallett
Python code to transform tweets into SuperCollider data
Emoji Twitter bot
Week-long workshop residency, Stanford University
Location-based found sound art
Auto-responding twitter bot