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How Do You Feel About The Ukulele?

I would like to ask you to participate in data collection to gain a broad sense of people's impressions and feelings about the ukulele, whether positive or negative; their participation in ukulele groups, or lack thereof; and some demographic information to see if these opinions and experiences can be in any way mapped to social demographic. These results will inform my PhD thesis. The survey is for anyone and you should not feel that a lack of knowledge or experience with the instrument should keep you from forming an opinion on it.

The survey includes ten questions in total but all questions are optional and you need not answer all (or any) of them if you do not wish to. Questions are informal and may be answered as formally or informally, in as much or as little detail as you like. Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary.

The information you provide is confidential and there is no risk to you as a participant, but anonymised quotes may be used. Your IP address is anonymous to SurveyMonkey and I will not be collecting your location (except for the extent to which you choose to answer question 6, 'Where do you live?'). Results from the survey will be treated as a source of background information for my PhD thesis, alongside literature-based research and interviews with others.

No personal identifying information will appear in any publications resulting from this study.

If you have any questions regarding this study or would like additional information please contact [email protected].

By filling in this survey you indicate that you understand its purpose and consent to the use of the data as indicated above.

Thank you for your cooperation. Click the button below to begin.

How Do You feel About The Ukulele?